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Adam returns to the natural world, where the rocks, the plants, the river--his surroundings--speak to him of a reality underlying all change, of the races and species that preceded him, extinguished by the fatal sweeps of time, though their sensations persist, taking on new forms.

Struggling with the entirety he realizes what he must do:

to synthesize the flowering mind



Remember the names of the faces
that, fated like us, on this planet
had planted new races
like seeds and endowed them their trust
through changes and phases
that shifted as thus:
like embers to ashes
they fashioned
dawn into dusk
and then turned them like pages
in book/worms in soil
to forewarn them of ages
when the human eraser's wrath takes it's toll

what of all the sensations we became?
you'll recollect them by someone else's name
you may suspect them to be one and the same

Lady, lay me down like sound on your riverbed
save me memories stored like sand in a riverbank
saving graces fated races that endlessly now
know of all the sensations we became
recollect them by someone else's name
but I assure you, it will never be the same

And what of all the de-composing compositions
over which no authority was claimed?

Now I must set you free
chaotically, in order
4 me 2B
the 2 can't co-exist you C
at least in full
not truth-fully
How hiding minds
could come to find
what seeking they
had left behind
if these mind-full bodies may not rhyme
pre-tending is the greatest crime

The criminal!
The crime-in-all
the crime is the divine-in-all
the very One divides us all
the truth must be subliminal
before the fall sublime-in-all
God, help us please: divine us all!

The old foretold a sleeper-hold
upon the cast that broke the mold
and breaking bread, proposed a toast
of molding rye, to view the host
upon their minds they advertised
a single. reoccurring line:
Awareness for hire
Awareness for higher awareness for hire awareness for higher awareness for higher awareness.....

Humanity first has to be synthesized
so it can become realized
Reality first has to be humanized
so it can become realigned with the divine
all in due time
we all do time
within the mind....


from The PsychoNautilus Unfurls, released February 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Morph Dwarf San Francisco, California

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